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Na Travel Week ( ver post )  também conheci a Didem Bulgurlu, gerente do Cappadocia Cave Resort & SPA,  que me enviou o email abaixo com dicas da Cappadocia.

We would like to take a moment of your time to introduce Cappadocia Cave Resort & SPA.

We have been referred as one of the best unique SPA Hotelsand our services and quality of accommodation are geared to the elite travelers.

If your guests are looking for a stay in Cappadocia that combines sheer luxury with a truly magical atmosphere, Cappadocia Cave Resort & SPA is the best & perfect choice. Located on the slopes of Uchisar Castle, among picturesque rock-carved houses, it offers breathtaking panoramic view over the area’s extraordinary landscape. We let our guests take time to appreciate the splendor of Fairy Chimney formations and Historical sites which make Cappadocia one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Cappadocia Cave Resort & SPA offers a wide range of accommodations to let its guests enjoy casual yet refined elegance at its best.


The nearest airports are;

KAYSERI AIRPORT     :80 KM(aprrx.50min. to the hotel) flıght nr: TK -ASR

NEVSEHIR AIRPORT :30 KM(aprrx 25 min to the hotel)flight nr : TK-NAV

Shuttle facility :  Turkish Airlines organize by reservation.Takes 1.30 hours to arrive hotel.

If you never been in Cappadocia the  highlights are ;

–           Goreme (a county of the city with fairy chimneys and scenery)

–          Goreme Open Air Museum (famous for its rock carved churches),

–          Zelve and Paşabağları (famous for the fairy chimneys and open-air social places), – —

–          Avanos (the centre of pottery making in Cappadocia),

–          Urgup (the most famous Three Beauties – 3 fairy chimneys next to each one and rocks over them standing still).

–          Kaymakli and Derinkuyu Underground Cities (rock carved underground cities with a space for 10 thousand people to live in)

–          Ihlara Valley where they can go for a hiking and see the old churches of 11th century).

Don’t go back without to experience the moments below;

–          Sunset in Kızılcukur!!!!

–          Hotairballooning at sunrise

–          Try to do your own clay pot in Avanos

–          Horseback riding in the valleys

–          A Private picnic with live music in Love Valley

–          Take a massage or romantic therapy in the cave massage room.

–          See the whirling derwishes show in a very old caravansarei.


Sponsored Flight Program:
Following the pick-up from the hotel; tea, coffee and light refreshments are served in the balloon company and passengers are taken directly to the balloons.  Passengers are invited into the basket and given a safety briefing. The balloon is quickly airborne and will fly over the scenery of Cappadocia including both low-level and high altitude flying for approximately 60 minutes. At the landing, they offer a celebration of a special Cocktail made with the excellent local champagne and served with some cakes. They then present the personalized flight certificates, before the transfer to the hotel. The price changes according to the balloon companies varying between 160 Euros and 175 Euros per person.

Deluxe Flight Program:
Once they have arrived at their selected take-off site, the preparation of the equipment will take about 25 minutes, and this includes the full passenger safety briefing. The inflation of the balloon is a spectacular experience in itself and the passengers are welcome to help with the preparations or to take photographs as they prefer. Once airborne the flight time averages well over one and a half hours, during which they fly both at low level, and go high enough to study the landscape, constantly changing altitude according to the local flying conditions. After the landing and pack-up of the balloon they offer a celebration of a special Cocktail made with the excellent local champagne and served with light refreshments. They then present your guests with a selection of postcards and a personalized flight certificate as a memory of the day, before returning to hotel in time for breakfast. The price changes according to the balloon companies varying between 230 Euros and 250 Euros per person. We give a full guarantee that this experience will surpass your guests’ highest expectations!

In the event of cancellation of the flight due to bad weather conditions, the balloon company will make a full refund of the money paid. Cancellations can be made in writing up to 24 hours before the flight date with no charge but last-minute cancellations or no-shows will be charged in full. Every flight is different from another, which is part of what makes hot air ballooning so special! We guarantee the experience of a lifetime…

The Turkish Night Show highlights the dance traditions of various regions of Turkey, complete with traditional costumes and of course, exhilarating belly dancers.

This lively performance is a great way to enjoy traditional Turkish music, dancing and join in the festivities during audience participation.

The show begins with a short, 10 minute sample of Whirling Dervishes Ceremony at 21:00. Dancers, including the bride and groom, perform the traditional way in which a girl gets married in Turkey.

After a couple of other folk dances from different parts of Turkey, the highlight of the night comes: Belly Dancer! After some other dances and shows like fire dance, Caucasian dance with knivesanddrum show.

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4 comentários
  1. Banu   •   16/04/13   •   17h02

    Ola ,sou Guia profissional da Capadocia ,Moro em Ürgüp ,uma das cidades mais bonitas da Capadocia.esteve em FLorianopolis para parkenden Português .ha quatro anos que atendo aos brasileiros.Podem me contatar via Facebook.b_yilmaz78@hotmail.com

    • Carla Caldas   •   16/04/13   •   21h17


      Que ótimo ter uma dica de guia que atende brasileiros! Bem- vinda ao Longe e Perto.

      Por favor corrija o seu facebook para todos terem acesso..

      Caso queira enviar dicas da Cappadocia vamos adorar .

      Abs Carla

  2. BANU   •   17/04/13   •   05h47

    Oi Carla,
    Recevei o seu e-mail e te adicionei No meu Facebook.sim ha anos Que atendo aos brasileiros.

    • Carla Caldas   •   17/04/13   •   20h28


      Ótimo , fica o contato de uma guia na cappadocia

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